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Yep, after much hassling, I've finally started updating my webpages. Not that there is going to be anything major. (In fact it's mostly the same, just updating the personal stuff about me.) So I'm still leaving the link up for the ShadowFyre webpage, even though that coven only exists in spirit anymore, but there are still some good links there and I'm planning on updating that sometime soon.

So my mundane name is Æryn and I can really say that I'm a chemist now since I now have two (2) pieces of paper that say I have degrees in the subject now. :) Got the Bachelors from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and my Masters from Northwestern University and I'm continuing on at Northwestern to finish up on my PhD. (Though maybe after I'm finished I'll go to a Cordon Bleu school or something to get an Associate's so that I can get a full set. *grins*)

Okay so now that I've said that, I'm going to have to clarify, because people will give me a hard time about it. Yes, the pieces of paper say that I'm a chemist, and I left NIH saying that I was going back to the "Hard" sciences instead of the "Gooey" ones, but honestly, I'm somewhere in between a chemist and a microbiologist I guess. The official title is Bio-Inorganic Chemist, but let's be honest. My project until I had to switch advisors (long story but ends up me being a joint student, basically I have two advisors now :) Hilary Godwin and Thomas O'Halloran) was titled Toxicity Effect on Gene Expression and Cellular Uptake of Lead and now I'm working on what we are calling Microbial Metalotoxicogenomics

Here is the requisite picture album that has to be on all web pages now. *grins* Though all of the pictures are from DC, I haven't uploaded any from Chicago yet. I'll get that done soon... in fact I'm already planning how to do a virtual office/lab set up...it might be corny, it might be cool... who knows.

And now for the stuff that I think is interesting and so therefore you should and look at section.

Pagan Oriented

Of course I'm first going to have to mention ShadowFyre again, at least until I get the EverGreen webpage up finally.

The Open Hearth Foundation, I know a good deal of the people involved in this and I know that they eventually want to get this type of this started elsewhere.
"A pagan community center initiative, The Open Hearth Foundation, INC. (OHF) is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to providing gathering space and resources for Pagans of all paths. To begin, the OHF will seek to create a flagship Pagan Community center in the Washingston, DC region.

Mystic District Planning Coalition, a virtual organization that's building a Nondemoninational Pagan community in the DC area. The Pagan's Night Out (PNO) that happens once a month is a great way of meeting people in the area who you can be "pagan" with in a social setting. They also have a lecture series, a semi-monthly PO&A (Pagan Out and About) where they do different things like go to the Smithsonian, RenFaire, 6-flag's, etc. And an annual (usually in September) mini gathering.

Random Stuff
(Mostly Online Comics)

Surprisingly I managed to get hooked on web-logging, and here be the link to mine.
Some of my recipes that I have online so far. Most have a ritualistic use as well as just being good. :)
(At least the ones that have banners)